Andy’s Perspective

I am a german engineer who, at 38 years old, quit my job to make the ride of my life.

I have been travelling quite a bit by a lot of different means. Travelling for me has a lot of different perspectives itself. Your perspective changes a lot depending on how you travel: hiking is the most intense in terms of being close to the elements and nature. Cycling gives you the same level of exposure to the elements, but mostly makes you dependent on roads.

Motorbiking allows you to cover large distances and still allows you to be close to your surroundings, other than in a car or a bus.

It is more the ride itself than the places you connect on the road that make the travel. You see landscapes slowly change over a whole continent.

You get connected to people very easily, mostly because a loaded bike attracts everybody in every country.

It is about the special feeling when you start your engine in the morning knowing you will ride a road you will probably never ride again, unknowing whats to come. It is about that special feeling when you stop your engine in the evening after a day of great views, interesting people you met and a whole lot of impressions in your mind.

Its about the rough vibrations of the 1-cylinder engine working beneath you. Feeling the wind and having a road winding in front of you. Smelling the fresh cut grass, the upcoming rain and the diesel dust from old trucks.

Its about being on the road with a motorbike.

Read more about my motivation for this trip here.

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