South America

Here’s a chronological overview of some of the highlights of the South America trip. All entries can b e found in the blog section, or by searching categories (info, people we met, etc.).

Before and After the Trip

About two months to go Thoughts we had two months before the trip

Short history of a long dreamed dream  What motivated Andy to do this trip

The last few days before we left  The crazy last days…chaotic!


Our Route in Ecuador

Our route in Ecuador

Slowly Sinking In  Some thoughts after arriving

Quito – slowing down the pace  The first few days after arriving in Ecuador

Getting the Bikes  We get the bikes in Quito, Ecuador

3P-Info: How-to Getting the bikes a guide to how to get the bikes out of customs and how to get the SOAT

Crossing the Equator   Our first riding days in South America

The Cloud Forest  Going north to Mindo

Avenue of the Volcanoes  Going south on the Pan-American Highway

The Cotopaxi Volcano  Climbing a picture book volcano

The Road to Quilotoa Crater  A fantastic two day loop to a wonderful destination

A Giant’s Burp  In Banos the local Volcano is quite active

Into the Jungle  From the high mountains into the lowlands and the jungle in Puyo

Incredible Mountain Roads to Cuenca  From the jungle up to the mountains again

The First Inch  Some thoughts about our travel so far

Hats and Colonial Towns  Our stay in Cuenca and leaving Cuanca south

Entering Peru  Border crossing in Tumbes and seeing the coast the first time


Our Route in northern Peru

Our route in northern Peru

A Little Paradise  A wonderful little campsite where we spent two days on the beach

Through the Desert  Long days crossing a large desert to Chiclayo

Through the Canyons and into Thin Air  Leaving the coast from Chimbote into the Cordillera Blanca

Into the Cordillera Blanca  Amazing days in beautiful mountains

Back to the Coast and to the Oldest Ruins  Visiting Caral, the oldest place in the Americas

El Jardin  Visiting friends in Junin and Andy getting really sick in Tarma

People we met: Los pastores Aleman

Our Route in southern Peru

Our route in southern Peru

Momentaufnahme Spending the night outside Lima; Christy captures the moment

Cattle and Penguins  Parracas and the boattrip to fantastic wildlife of the Ballestas Islands

Long Lines  The Nazca lines

Sand and Sea  Following the amazing coast of Peru

High Mountains and Deep Canyons  From the coast to Colca Canyon and Arequipa

A Dusty Road and up the Mountains  A daytrip from Arequipa into the Salinas National Park


Our Route in Bolivia

Our route in Bolivia

Floating Islands Titicaca Lake

Engineer at Work  Andy looking back to a funny incindent on the very first riding day

Salt  The Salar de Uyuni, an amazing adventure

Dust and Colored Lakes  Certainly one of the highlights: Going from Uyuni to San Pedro

3P-Info: The Salt Lake Information about how to get on/off the Salar de Uyuni safely

3P-Info: The Laguna Colorada How to do it and where to go



Our route in northern Chile

Our route in northern Chile

Copper Andy’s perspective on the copper mine of Chuquicamata near Calama

Them thar hills  Christy’s impressions of the coppermine of Chuquicamata near Calama

Campsite at the beach  The Pan de Azucar National Park

Big Waves and into Santiago  Following the PanAm to Santiago de Chile

People we met Our friends at the firehouse

Fruits, Vineyards and a Nail  Leaving Valparaiso along the Ruta de la Fruta

Our ride through central Chile

Our ride through central Chile

Waterfalls  Going South to the NP of 7 Tazas and Salto del Laja

Big Fat Cows on Green Meadows  The green landscape of Chile on the way to Osorno

Lakes and Volcanoes  Amazing landscape on the way to Puerto Varas

The Carretera Austral (with a little detour via Argentina)

3P-Info How to get in and out Carretera Austral

Fjords, Ferries and Dead Trees  The northern part of the Carretera Austral

People we met The captain and his pilot

Into the Rain  It is getting rainy and the Carretera Austral is blocked. We turn around and cross to Tecka in Argentina

Our time on the Carretera Austral

Our time on the Carretera Austral

Snap!  The accident; from Rio Mayo, Argentina to Coyhaique, Chile

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Christy looks back on our adventure so far

X-mas in the Cabin  The first 2 weeks after the accident

The Solution  We found a way to continue our travel with Christy’s broken foot

The Missing Link  Going north from Coyhaique to Puyuhuapi to see the part of the Carretera Austral we missed

On the road again… Going south on the Carretera Austral from Coyhaique

Turquoise  Along the Lake General Carrera on the Carretera Austral to Rio Tranquillo

Falling Ice  Amazing daytrip to the San Rafael Bay to see a glaciar calve into the sea

Guanacos  Leaving the Carretera Austral from Cochrane to Bajo Corracolas

Hands  Amazing landscape and ancient handprints: the Cuava de los Manos

Patagonia and Argentina

Our Route in Patagonia

Our route in Patagonia

Towers  El Chalten, Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre

Walls of Ice and Rock  Perito Moreno and Torres del Paine NP

A Perfect Day  Christy looking back to the day of her accident

Now what?  Christy summing up the days after the accident

Ushuaia: To the end of all roads  To the most southern point of America

Penguins  A daytrip to see more of these adorable animals

Going north  Long days driving the truck back to Puerto Montt in Chile

Our time in Argentina

Our time in Argentina

Chiloe  Andy is taking the bike for a spin on the Island of Chiloe

Back on the bikes  The first days back on the bike after the accident

Going East  Crossing the continent east to west from Puerto Montt to Bahia Blanca

La Posta  THE motorbike traveller adress in eastern South America, a lovely place in Azul

The last stretch…  The last riding day in South America. Going to Buenos Aires