Through the desert

Piura – Trujillo

We wanted to make it all the way to Chimbote today. So we had an early start and left the hotel at around 9. The PanAm is a very good road the goes through the desert de Sechura (Dry Desert). In the morning it was partly cloudy and once we have left the town of Piura we cruised with around 90-110 km/h through the desert. The desert changed during the drive a lot. First there were still some bushes left and right and along the road there were many little wooden barracks and houses where people are selling their goods. But soon the barracks ended and so did the bushes. The landscape became more flat and sandy. Slowly a little bit of wind came up as well. Every now and then areas of sand dunes appeared, sometimes small, sometimes as high as 50m. In some areas u-shaped dunes appeared. In a perfect sickel shape they spread as far as one could see.

In other places the desert was perfectly flat.

It is quite amazing going through that desert, knowing that the sea is only a few km from the road. The landscape was fantastic and the quick change from the last days came to my mind a couple of times. Just 3 days ago we rode through rich vegation with banana trees left and right of the street.

As it got warmer, the wind picked up on speed. After 1pm the wind got really strong and riding got difficult.

Especially with the wind coming from the side, which was the case for most of the time.

Every time we passed a truck we swerved over the rest of the road. The road got more busy in the afternoon as well, and overtaking got real nerve wrecking with other cars overtaking us as well. We had a couple of situations where we had to slow down since oncoming traffic underestimated our speed and we were faced with two trucks coming right at us.

We made a couple of short stops. The breaks where really necessary to keep the concentration up.

In total it was a very beautiful day, but also very tiring.

At 4pm we decided to stop in Trujillo instead of pushing though the rest of the 150km to Chimbote. We went to Chan-Chan, the largest pre-columbian ruins but they were already closed, so we decided to return the next day.

We ended up in the fanciest hotel in town, directly at the main plaza.

And we saw something we haven’t seen in a long time: the golden arches of McDonald. So we decided to get some good old American fast food for a change.


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