The solution


After we have checked different options we finally decided to rent a big 4×4 and put the bikes on the back of it. MotoAventura, a Chilean motorbike rental company gave us a contact to a car rental company in Coyhaique. Rolf Traeger has more than 50 cars to rent, rides dirt bikes himself and is the contact person for MotoAventura in case their customers are in trouble.

After we contacted him it became quickly clear why MotoAventura works with him. He is a real trouble-solver. When I told him our problem he immediately came up with a way to do this.

In fact he had to put quite some work into this: his rail to get his own (lightweight dirt-bikes) on the back of the truck snapped due to the weight of our bikes. So they did a lot of welding to make a frame for the bikes and some rails to get the bikes up. They helped me loading the bikes as well, provided straps to fix them. He even put on brand new massive off-road tires on the truck so we would be safe on the bad roads.

It was really fantastic. I felt very well supported and I slowly got the feeling that this solution is actually really good, even though it meant we would not ride through southern Patagonia on our bikes any more.

We can drive the car down to Punta Arenas and just drop it there, or bring it back to Punto Montt. From there we plan to continue on the bikes again. Let’s hope Christy feels good in 3 weeks.

By the way: it is a really cool pick-up truck. Something you would never drive in Europe. But here it is just perfect.

Massive. Huge. Rugged. A little adventure itself.

And when we were standing in the pouring rain at a construction site for 2 hours to wait for the road to be re-opened we noticed the nice things about travelling in a car…

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