X-mas in the cabin


We moved from the hostel to a cabin that the hostel is renting out as well.

It was quite luxurios with a nice stove, some sofas, a kitchen and a comfy bedroom.

We relaxed a lot, Christy hang out on the sofa, watching television, reading and doing some research.

We had to find a way to continue with our bikes. Christy couldn’t ride for 6 weeks, so we checked our options.

We also contacted all the people we knew to get some ideas. All were very helpful but at the end there was little they could do. It was X-mas as well, so most people were busy with other things of course.

It was a relaxing 2 weeks we spent here. Sebastian, a traveller from Chile we met in Lima visited us on Christmas.

In our little kitchen we cooked some meals and we used the time to let our mind rests as well. The last few months have been so intensive, that we almost enjoyed doing nothing.

Christy got a nice boot for her foot and some crutches. So she was getting slowly used to walk with them and got more and more mobile.

I had a little walk and a spin on the motorbike to have a look at the surrounding area. It is beautiful…

But most of the time we were simply hanging around our little cabin, had a fire warming the room and relaxed.

This is how we spend 2 weeks here to figure out how we would proceed with our travel…

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