Carretera Austral – Tecka – Rio Mayo – Coyhaique

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I just saw a cloud of dust in front of me. Christys bike slid on the right side. Somehow she managed to be still on the bike. With a little pirouette the bike bounced to the left side and Christy finally crawled away from the bike.

This all happened very quickly right in front of me. It looked painful.

I slammed the brakes and ran to her to see whether she’d be ok…


The road led from Rio Mayo in Argentina back into Chile to Coyhaique. We had to make a detour via Argentina as the Carretera Austral was blocked due to a landslide. There were only two options: wait for a few days or make the detour. With the pouring rain we had in Chile the decision was made quickly. We rode across to Argentina, stayed the night in Tecka and went down the paved Ruta 40 till Rio Mayo, where we found a little hotel. From there it would be only going straight west back to Coyhaique in Chile. So this was how we ended up on this road

The road from Rio Mayo was enjoyable, but it was difficult to ride on. I followed Christy and could see how her bike bouncing underneath her quite wildly at times.

But she did well, and looked quite relaxed on the bike. The road consisted of deep gravel with stones as big as my fist. The only way to get through there is either very slow or with some speed. We felt comfortable to go with 60km/h and that turned out to be a good speed. You had to be very concentrated though, since the gravel was soft at times and piled up to deep ruts. We rode this road for 2 hours before the accident happened.

Christy was surprisingly pretty relaxed. Her right foot hurt badly, but after a while sitting on the ground she decided she could go on. I can’t believe how tough she is. We continued on the road for another 60km before we reached the Chilean border. The road got a lot better and we found a nice hostel in Coyhaique where Christy laid down. The foot has swollen quite a bit and she was in pain.

The next day we went to the hospital to make sure nothing has been broken and to get some medicine.

She got an x-ray and the doctor opened the news on the screen very frankly: 2 broken metatarsals (2nd and 3rd). No walking, not to mention riding a bike off-road for min. 6 weeks.

We had to do some re-planning…


9 thoughts on “Snap!

  1. Hallo Andreas,
    gerade lese ich wieder mal Eure Berichte.
    Es tut mir leid, was Christy passiert ist. Ich wünsche ihr gute Besserung und Euch beiden eine gute, vielleicht nicht ganz so abenteuerliche Zeit.
    Und ganz viel Zeit und Ruhe für Euch selbst.
    Ich wünsche mir, dass wir Euch irgendwann wieder gesund wiedersehen, wo auch immer.

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    • Hi gerd,
      Vielen dank.
      Wir haben inzwischen ein 4×4 gemietet und die moppeds hinten drauf geladen. So haben wir eine neue art des reisens gefunden: im warmen, trockenen auto mit musik.
      Gruss andy

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hallo Andy,

    schön zu lesen das es Christy nach dem Unfall wieder besser geht und Ihr einen Weg gefunden habt weiter zu kommen… Gute Besserung – get well soon!


    Liked by 1 person

    • Vielen Dank, Karsten!
      Füße sind ganz interessante Dinge… So wie ich meins gebrochen habe, muss ich nur schonen und abwarten, und alles heilt gut ganz von alleine.
      viele Grüße


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