The last few days before we left….

It was a crazy last few weeks, days and hours we had in Germany.

For weeks there was no evening or day where we were not fully busy. In spite of the long preparation time, a lot of things came up pretty late or just took much longer than estimated.

We had to crate our bikes (which we had to do in pouring rain), prepare official stuff (like insurance of the bikes), clear my flat (painting, moving the stuff to Christy’s flat, …) and prepare Christy’s flat for subletting it. We actually had the subletting contract signed only a week before we left.


We had one room and the cellar in which we stored all of my and Christy’s stuff (including all my furniture).

When the lady who rented the flat for 6 months arrived we were just ready with packing and sorting our stuff. In fact I was taking down the South-America map from the wall when she was standing in the entrance.

Since we sublet the flat from 1.9. and we left 4.9., we stayed in a hotel just around the corner of Christy’s flat for the last few days. Christy negociated a room with a great city view.


We also had the issue with two motorbikes that we would keep in Germany: my Rally Bike and Christy’s Off-road bike. Where would we put them? Christy’s Boss was super kind and offered us to park them in his garage for the time.

I was working to the last day, leaving the company at 4pm. After that we organized our packing. Christy had bought some waterproof bags, because a few days ago we have noticed that our Touratech panniers were not waterproof. We had a lot of issues with getting the panniers, even though we ordered them already in April (but that’s a story of its own).

We took the last pieces of stuff to the cellar of Christy’s apartment and had something to eat. We returned to the hotel after 1am. At 3:30am the alarm went off. An hour later we were on the way to the airport. Take off was at 7am.

I usually can’t sleep on planes, but for more than 1 hour I was completely out.


3 thoughts on “The last few days before we left….

  1. So much activity and arrangement compressed into such a short time– reminds me of when I moved across the states. I had 3 weeks from the day I knew I was moving to the moment I left the house for good– crazy, but it got done, however imperfectly.


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