Travelling in New Zealand? How to come up with such an outstanding idea…

After almost 3 years of commuting for more than an hour to my work I decided that this is not what I want to do for the rest of my life.

Until I startet my job in the Herrsching area I had jobs within 15 minutes of my home. That is a quality of life thing and I decided to look for a closer job to my home.

With my new job I will spend a whole working day less in the suburban train…per week!

So plenty of freetime next year…

It was not planned like this, but 3 days after announcing my leaving to my bosses, we took off to our summer vacation in Norway (of which we eventually write about at some other time). So plenty of time to think about what happens next.

Well, changing job in my world means taking some time off between the jobs. And since Christy is in between jobs as well, we suddenly had time together to do some nice travelling. Very quickly ideas popped up: there are some nice areas in Southamerica we haven’t seen, there is a whole continent to explore: Africa, there are wonderful countries in southeast asia…

But for these things there was a whole lot of planning and organizing involved. And we were not up for a lot of planning: I was busy getting a good transfer of my work to my successors at work and there was not too much time left either. So sending the motorbikes was not an option and therefore Arica and SA didn’t seem a plausible solution to our “what could we do with all our freetime Problem”

Well, New Zealand doesn’t need a lot of planning… a flight, a hired car… that’s it.

A working colleuque has been there five times already. He gave me a quick overview of where to fly to (Auckland back from Christchurch) and where to go (North Island and South Island… doesn’t  really matter where you go, its pretty everywhere).

So we booked a flight and a rental car. We packed our stuff  the weekend before we left and we were ready to go.

My working colleugues gave me a very nice farewell and so we started with great excitement to our wonderful Kiwi-Adventure.

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