Drive to Papamoa Beach

Things we learned:

The warning signes at the sea are there for a reason.

The afternoon that day showed the dark side of the wonderful beaches here. There are warning signs everywhere that warn people of the dangerous drifts that occur at many NZ beaches. While we had a late lunch at the beachside restaurant a 50-year-old man watched two little kids dragged away by the sea. They screamed for help and he and some others jumped into the water to safe them. He pushed them to the other helping people and they got the kids out alright. When they turned around the man was dragged under water.

First aiders and doctors tried to get him back to life for almost one hour, but the gentlemen died on the beach.

We only saw the ambulances and helicopter arrive and didn’t know what was going on at the time. We read the details on the news.

It made us very sad, but also very aware of the dangers of such a peaceful looking location. The sea looked perfectly calm that day.

Stuff we saw:


Stuff we did:

We wanted to continue south…

Not looking at anything special on the way we did what we always said so far would be an amazing thing to do in NZ just drive around the countryside.

There is really no need to stop anywhere. The whole country is so beautiful, that just driving around would already make this place a fantastic travel destination.

All the other stuff is just another extra on top of it…


The area we crossed is part of the Bay Of Plenty. And there is plenty…. Plenty of fruits, farms, seaside, beaches, rivers, hills, cattle, grass and a lot of blue sky.

We visited an old mine  and walked into long tunnels that were dug into the walls of a canyon.

Other than that it was a fantastic drive without any sights to see, just nice landscape to enjoy and a nice campsite at the beach.


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