Things we learned: The Presidential Highway

Highway 1 is passing the cities Gore and Clinton, which are about 40km apart. When two persons with this name shared the ticket in the US-presidential election the region officially named the part of Highway 1 “Presidential Highway” in honor of the candidates. They also hoped that they would stop by when being in the country, but that never happened. Hey guys! What’s up, Billy? What’s up, Al? Can’t you make a little stopover here? People would appreciate it! And it is the best fishing place for trout here… just sayin’.

Stuff we saw:

Stuff we did:

How do you milk 700 cows? What happens with the milk? Is it stressful for the cows? Why do they have different colored paint-marks on their back? How much milk does a cow produce? Why can you see their ribs, are they hungry? How old do they get?

This and much more we asked and learned when talking to Tam and David. Tam and David own cows. Many cows. Around 700 cows. And they own a lot of farmland.

We didn’t know them when we arrived in Gore, a little town in the southeast of New Zealand. We just had an address and names when we pulled up in front of their wonderful house in the rolling hills of the area.

Family friends of Christy’s parents made the contact possible. And we feel very blessed to have had the chance to meet them and to get to know them. They are wonderful people. Both role-model individuals and a wonderful team and family together with their daughters

We spent time talking (not only about cows), playing games, cooking, laughing, sitting in front of the fireplace, looking out for deer in the backyard and working a little bit outside in the garden. They showed us their farm and some of the many cows that were milked.

We got to know her daughter Taylor and her boyfriend Michael.

One day we drove along the coast through the Catlins but the rest of the time we pretty much stayed in Gore.

We had a fantastic time with them. We stayed much longer than we originally thought. We arrived as complete strangers and left friends behind when we left.

If you read this: Thanks Tam and David.


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    • Yes, we really liked it being crunchy like that. We had it the more traditional way with eggs as well, but the fried way was really delicious….


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