The last drive… Banks Peninsula and Christchurch

Stuff we did:

With another overnight stay we continued north until the Bank Peninsula, where we pitched the tent for the last time.

The peninsula is just outside Christchurch and has some amazing bays and high mountains that rise up from the sea.

It was a very enjoyable mostly sunny day without rain on the peninsula. It was one of the best spots of the whole trip to pitch the tent here: with a view into the harbor of Akaroa. We drove on little curvy roads from bay to bay, up and down the mountains, returned to our great campsite and had nice chats with the neighbors. A really wonderful day.

The weather forecast showed rain for our remaining days and so we decided to go drive to Christchurch to stay in a nice hostel for the last few days.

We had a stop on the way to Christchurch to get our feet wet one more time. Man, we love the ocean.


Stuff we saw:

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