Goodbye and thank you for the waves

We enjoyed the quite hostel in Christchurch, a private room, a nice kitchen and most of all a dry place in all the rain than poured down on the city.

Before we gave back the car we had a last visit to the sea where we said farewell to the roaring waves and the strong wind. It was a little bit a sad moment as we very much enjoyed the sea here.

“I think she is putting up a show for us, look there: she sends some really big waves.”

Waving goodbye, ocean style…

We went back to our car and dropped it at the Airport.

This trip has been a great pleasure and so all I can add is:

Thank you all you oceans, bays and beaches. Thank you all you tuis, penguins and bellbirds. Thank you all you mosses, fern trees and kauris. Thank you all you rolling hills and towering mountains. Thank you all you sheep and cows. Thank you all you Kiwis ( the ones we ate, the one bird we saw and all the ones we talked to).

Thank you New Zealand for having us.




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